The Holy City of Ten Thousand Gods

Session 14

Planning for the End

Firstly, there is a trait vote.

Azam gets [Char] Child-Catcher and [C-O for Falsehood] “It was a terrible accident”. Farouk gets [Dt] Linguist and [C-O for Soothing Platitudes, Falsehood and Seduction] Glib. Duban gets [C-O for Persuasion and Oratory] Charismatic. Fazzik gets [Dt] The Killer.

Second, session!

Short summary of events:

  • The foreigners have holed up in one of the wings of the palace after the last night’s attack. Farouk meets them, finds out they want the box and that they are suspicious about the gods. He fobs them off saying the gods are desert mystics, and as he leaves he convinces the Hand and Eye to set up barricades for the foreigner’s protection. He has made sure that this looks threatening to the newcomers.
  • Representatives from the House of Whispers offered an alliance, to deal with the conspiracy that has plunged the city into chaos. They are somewhat rebuffed.
  • PCs researched a method by which a god could subsume another, gaining a lot of their power. This requires the presence and consent of priests of both gods.
  • PCs found out it’s actually impossible to excommunicate a priest, so most priests are killed or exiled if they do bad things.
  • PCs worked out that the Marble Box could be used to completely summon Tiamat on the solstice, when the city gets more weird.
  • PCs needed to get the box into the palace, to perform the ritual.
  • PCs wanted to set the three big guilds at each other’s throats to make the above easier, I think. To do this you considered sneaking into all their vaults and stealing their ambrosia.
  • The PCs also found out that the Hand and the Eye and the Desert Orchid were planning on declaring martial law in the run-up to the solstice, due to the violence against the foreigners and the growing ambrosia shortage.


Wurzel Wurzel

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