The Holy City of Ten Thousand Gods

Session 15

The Darkness Before the Dawn

Lack of time gets you a bullet-point recap :P

  • The Stone Hands are contacted and agree to dig a tunnel from the Desert Gardens to the Palace cellars. They’re given the excuse that Farouk needs to be able to get to the foreigners easily.
  • Duban goes to meet his mother, tries to convince her that she should get pissed at the House of Whispers.
  • Fazzik works out the calling card of the House’s assassinations – an arrow that whispers as it flies through the air. He makes one with a successful Fletcher roll.
  • Fazzik sneaks into the Desert Orchid, shoots Duban’s mother in the leg, runs away.
  • Farouk goes out into the City, to try and get an idea of how the general populace is doing. Fazzik shadows him, but loses sight of him temporarily; in that time, Farouk is pulled into a side alley and drugged into unconciousness. Archers on the roof drive Fazzik to take cover, and although he kills both handily it loses him the opportunity to find Farouk.
  • A group of a dozen guards wearing Desert Orchid livery turns up at the Hand’s door, demanding Duban. Janwar locks the gate and forms up for a fight, but in a disastrous combat they blast through his defenses, take down two of his people. He has no choice but to escape with his fighters.
  • The Orchid guards grab Duban, ignoring Azam’s nursemaid disguise. As they leave, they throw lanters through the windows, starting a spreading fire. Azam manages to put it out with a thick blanket, gives Zarus the baby to look after, and heads after the guards to attempt a rescue.
  • Janwar tries to find allies in the Obsidian Claws, but fails his circles roll. It turns out they’ve heard the Hand attacked the Desert Orchid and Shari ibn Maliq, people they are now allies with. Only their lack of weaponry stops their superior numbers from crushing Janwar in the ensuing bar brawl, but his tactical retreat and jabbing spear help him avoid injury. He goes back to where the Fingers are hiding to work out what to do next.


Wurzel Wurzel

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