The Desert Orchid

Main Business

One of the most influential guilds in the city, the Desert Orchids have a firm grasp on the import of exotic luxuries into the city from the rest of the world. They have a strong line in entertainments and hospitality, offering a wide range of services to guilds willing to pay. The Orchid’s musicians, chefs and escorts are the most public face of the guild, but more subtle members take advantage of the Orchid’s festivals to gather information, broker deals and cement their position among the greatest guilds of the city.

Notable Members

  • Shari ibn Maliq – Guild mistress, like her father before her. A stern, pious woman who also serves as the guild’s priest.
  • Mara ibn Maliq – the sole daughter of the guildmistress is as far as the public knows a quiet, shy woman serving under her mother as a acolyte priest. Known to few is her true role, chosen as the city’s hunter of necromancers and dark forces.

Religious Practices

The god of the guild, Enskidell, is a graceful figure in robes of purist white. Rarely seen outside of its shrine or palanquin, it’s known to support endeavours related to city unity and the spreading of light. The guild has monthly services lead by Shari to call down its blessing upon the Guild which regularly draw a crowd of outsiders thanks to their music.

The Desert Orchid

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