The Hand and the Eye

Main Business

The Hand and the Eye, as the name implies, have a major interest in keeping watch over the city and intervening when some upstarts disturb the peace. If the city ever needed a military, the Hand and the Eye would make up the main part of it, but their main role in day-to-day life is to act as security for the Sultan, keep watch on the city walls and sortie out into the desert when there’s a major elf infestation.

Notable Members

Religious Practices

Related Guilds

Although The Hand and The Eye has a large role in keeping the peace in the city, they subcontract out a lot of their responsibilities to smaller guilds. They have guilds hired to protect each individual city district, to police the outer city, to act as bodyguards and watch over private functions, to guard caravans, and so on. Although people could theoretically hire these small guilds directly rather than go via the Hand, it’s rumoured that things go badly for the client and the small guild when they try to cut out the middleman.

The Hand and the Eye

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